Insurance Protection for Safe Auto Shipping In Canada

If traveling a long distance, it is no doubt easier & less expensive, and less wear & tear on your car to have it transported rather than driving it yourself. By transporting your car, it takes a lot of weight & trouble off of your mind. However, you’ll wish to make sure that your car is insured throughout the auto transport procedure to safeguard yourself from any damage that might happen to your vehicle.

Car Shipping Solution has all the essential licenses & insurance to have your car delivered safely anywhere in Canada. We even carry contingent cargo insurance to offer extra protection to our clients for their pricey shipments.

For the utmost protection, all vehicles we ship are insured right the moment we pick up your car until the point of delivery. We also carry additional insurance to offer added protection & peace of mind to our clients without any additional charges. A certificate of insurance can also be offered if required.

Our insurance coverage gives you protection against:

  • Damage to the car during loading or unloading
  • Collision at the time of shipment that upshots in damage
  • Theft or vandalism

What’s not covered by insurance?

  • Weather damage including wind, hail and rain
  • Road debris
  • Glass damage that’s not a direct liability of the driver or equipment malfunction

For more information or inquiry about our auto shipping insurance, feel free to call us at: +1-800-208-3994